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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Living in such a beautiful place can be a hinderence

I have to say that I love living in Southern California. I was born in Ventura County have been in this area consistently since 1980 (the first decade of my life was spent traveling hither, tither and fro but we always came back home). What's not to like about it? The weather is always great, a little boring since it never changes but who can complain about 68-74 degree weather almost year 'round. There's no humidity, hardly any rain and NO BUGS.

And this is what I see first thing in the morning (as long as I leave the house and go to the beach that is).

I'm very sad to say that because of the fire, being under insured, some issues with the city and so on that we may be leaving the area for a more affordable life style. At this point we can't re-build without taking on additional loans, it would be a huge mistake and we believe a sin to take on additional debt at this point. We'd also be in danger of being upside down on equity if we did that.

Our prayers are that God would show us where He wants us to be. I'm talking big, wide open doors (or shut very tightly so I can't finagle myself in because we all know I would try).

If the insurance doesn't come through we're planning to head towards Memphis where Barry's family lives (did I mention big bugs and HUMIDITY). I'm hopeful and praying that I will be able to telecommute at my present company. That would take make the process easier in my opinion. Moving to an entirely different local with a job! How is that a bad thing?

I'm OK about the move, it's an adventure right? I'm heartbroken that my older children will stay here.If I could just pack my whole family up in a box and move us around together I could live anywhere happily.

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