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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bicycle Commuting - the beginning

I recently won a Fuji Crosstown 2.0 Hybrid Commuter bike from Lipton. It's bright yellow with 2 cute Lipton stickers on it. I will be pulling the Lipton stickers off or replacing them with something else at some point. Of course that requires time which I seem to be lacking.

But I digress - I won this great bike and decided that I should begin to commute to work via bike and bus. (This would be when gas was at it's highest, approx. $4.86/gal). It's a 37 mile round trip overall with about 12 miles on the bike. Now those of you that know me know I don't DO public transportation, especially the BUS. Gross! I seriously have a problem sitting that close to strangers - ever! Especially strangers with questionable hygiene. I make a point of sitting in this one very small seat where no on can sit next to me. I'm a scrunched up against a partition with my panniers and bike helmet in my lap praying for a quick end to the 20 minute bus ride.

My challenges so far have been 1) making it to the bus on time and 2) praying a bike rack will be available on the bus, there's only two per bus and sometimes 4 people waiting. I've taken to getting to the bus 15 minutes early just so I'm first in line. Of course then I have to hope that whoever already has their bikes on the bus will exit at my stop.

This whole "alternative" commute thing is a little harder than it seems.

Next blog - being naked at work i.e. showering in the locker room (which equates to being naked at work, eww)

1 comment:

losangelesdaze said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog :) ride those hills as part of your commute? I admire you! I am happy to ride that route only once a year!