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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Adventures in house hunting

Since we've been living in our "in progress" remodeled house I thought I wouldn't be so picky about a rental. Well I was wrong.

As I'm searching for a furnished home that allows children, a dog and a cat I'm forced to admit that I may be a bit of a snob *gasp*. But only just a little bit.

There seems to be something wrong with each house, I feel like Goldilocks. So far I've been contending with houses that are just plain old and haven't been updated. When I sleep (which isn't often), I'm having nightmares about harvest gold tile and gold leafing. If I happen to find the "perfect" house then it's in the wrong location (too near the freeway or train tracks) or doesn't have an adequate fence for the dog. In one case I found the most beautiful guest house, incidentally it was bigger than my normal house. The entire property was fenced, I could just see my Lab up at the main house making himsef at home.

Hopefully we found the perfect rental house but I'm not saying anything about it until the lease is signed...

1 comment:

Well Behaved Krissy said...

Oh. My . Gosh! Your house caught on FIRE?!?!? SERIOUSLY! Can I help in any way.