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Monday, December 22, 2008

House hunting complete

We found a really pretty home to rent in the "Mesa" area. We'll be two blocks from Shoreline Park, a beautiful park overlooking the ocean.

The house is so peaceful feeling, decorated beautifully but comfortably. If I were to pick out a house and decorate it this is close to what I would do. It's light and airy but comforting as well.

It has a few really great features

1) Near the beach. We can ride our bikes (once we get some) and I can run directly from the house.
2) View of the ocean from the upstairs deck
3) Jacuzzi in the back
4) Great garden area
5) Brandon's friend from K-2nd grade lives right around the corner
6) Fully furnished (this may become a burden later on but it's great right now)

I'll post picture once we move in.

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