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Monday, February 23, 2009


Well it's obviously been a while since my last post. We moved into the rental and that's going well. It's not home but at least it's comfortable and well decorated. This is the first time I've lived in a home that's completely "put together". I swear I will post pictures one of these days. We've been in the house over two months now and I have yet to take that run along the beach I was so anxious to take. Nor the bike ride... Of course we still don't have any bikes, good thing this is that this is the rainy season.

We took a trip to Memphis to visit Barry's family. While not a true vacation it was enjoyable. Both Barry and I had some sort of allergy/sickness thing going on. I started getting congested 2 nights before we left and stayed that way most of the trip. No amount of medication helped me feel better. Barry found relief in generic Zyrtec D.

We are in the process of making some tough decisions on whether or not to rebuild our house. This is a developing story.

Here's a link to some pictures that Barry put together - kind of a before and after series.

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