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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The little bike that couldn't

It's DH's wish / dream that we exercise together as a family. A walk in the foothills, a bike ride to the beach (and back ugh!), a walk at the park. Nothing extreme, really family time more than anything else. We always start and stop, go in fits and fizzle out.

On Monday we took a walk across the street into Parma Park. This is your typical Southern California, high fire hazard, natural , foothill park. A park with no benches or playgrounds. This one is just for walking or trail running. Lots of poison oak and ticks. That walk went great, good hills for legs.

On Wednesday we (I) tackled the bicycle ride to the beach. Brandon will occasionally use my bike and lower the seat. On this particular morning my seat was lowered and I put it back in place and tightened the bolt (I thought). We get about 4 blocks from the beach, closing in on a very busy intersection where the one and only Hwy 101 meets the road. I hit a bump and my seat goes down a little, I hit another bump and it goes down a little more and a little more. The next thing I know I'm trying to ride my bike with my knees hitting my chin. Obviously this is not going to work. We turned around and began the (long) ride home UP HILL. Mind you the only choice I have is a) walk b) ride with my chin getting beaten up or c) stand up and ride home that way. Well I chose C and I thought I was going to DIE! I did my Turbulence Training program the day before with an emphasis on glutes and hams AND increased my weights. I assumed when I began the bike ride that I would have the option to sit down on the way home and work my quads. Well Obviously I was wrong and yowza did it burn.

But I'm all better now. Still waiting for the great bike I won from Steve's blog. It is a Fuji Crosstown 2.0 (?!?!?! because I know all about bikes...not!). I'm so excited. First off it's not a circa 1990 steel frame Huffy and I WON it. It doesn't get better than that/ Thanks again Steve!


Well Behaved Krissy said...

yeah, I so totally suck at bike riding. It was by far my worst event in the triathlon

Steve said...

Hey there, just checking in to see if you ever got your bike? I've been out of the TT blogs for awhile but saw you were still waiting back in June.

Let me know!