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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Too busy to begin - UGH!

Ever have one of those days? Well I'm having one of those weeks!

My co-worker is out of town on a family emergency and my boss is leaving for vacation during what has become one of the busiest times for our business. We'll be testing new commercials next week AND my company keeps changing the budgets from day to day . I'm either cutting or adding to our budget. You can imagine what my account executives think of me right now - oy!

So the whole purpose of that was to tell you that I'm so busy I can't start anywhere so being me I turn towards the internet and I found this great blog of a long-time internet acquaintance. We were part of the BFL Mommies community and she has been such an ass kicking inspiration to me. Melissa's post could have been written by me. Granted I'm not pre-diabetic but I worry about my health. My mom struggles daily with really bad health and I DO NOT want to have that kind of life when I'm 60. I want to be strong and healthy!

There are two points Melissa makes that I really want to comment about:

1) The relationship with my mother and my weight: I always felt that my mother was in competition with me. My mother would make comments about my size and weight while I was growing up. These comments came in the form of being too big or too small, never could I be just right or OK the way God made me. I was never an "overweight" person. At 5'9 1/2" my max weight in high school was a muscular 150, not a small person but not large. Four years ago, after 12 weeks of BFL and coming in at a beautiful 145 lbs. I was fit and firm. I had a decent 4-pack and was very comfortable with myself. My mom's comment was that I looked good but a little too thin. I need to stop worrying about my mother's opinion and live for me. What is it about the relationship with one's mother and the way that women views herself and self image. Mother's guard what you say to your daughters, this may be their post one day.

2) because I'm tired of being like the others on the BFL message board who bitch and whine and then stuff their faces - Enough said!


Well Behaved Krissy said...

Is this my NELLIE?!? Yes, its BFL Krissy

Robert Crowe said...

Hey look hot! Who gives a shit what mom has to say. She is always putting others down but she can't handle it when someone says something to her. For too many years, she laid in the sun and now she is paying for it. She wore trashy clothes and my kids always made fun of her.

She is now paying the price of her fast life style. My kids don't even call her grandma but "Jann". She gets so pissed off because of that.

What is important is how you feel about yourself.

Your loving (real) brother ;)

Melissa H said...

Hey Jenelle!!! Thanks for finding me and wow, I'm flattered that I'm an inspiration to anybody, I've flipped and flopped so much! Isn't it amazing how our mothers have such an influence on our self esteem? (food for thought when it comes to our OWN kids). I laugh at your brother's comment about laying in the sun. My mother's skin is like leather and she looks a lot older now than she really is because of the skin damage.

We have to find a way to do this for ourselves. And we can. XOXO