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Thursday, September 11, 2008

I WON!!!!!

I can't believe I won a membership to The Red Carpet Ready Club PLATINUM Coaching Group. How cool is that? All of these beautiful, wonderful women submitted their stories to Val and she picked me. That's better than winning a beauty pageant and the benefits will surely last longer.

I woke up and immediately turned on the computer to see if the winner was listed yet. When I saw my name I started whopping and shouting, running through the house and giving high fives to my family, granted they were all still in bed and thought I'd lost my mind. Barry knew I was doing a video for "something that may have mentioned Jennifer Garner" but really had no idea what. I didn't spend alot of time explaining it to him since the chances of me getting picked were slightly better than winning the lottery. Maybe I need to go buy a couple of tickets :)

Well now that I have won I'm ready to follow through with my commitment to be the Red Carpet Ready poster mom / spokes person / success story for a non-celebrity person.

I'm hoping I'll be back from Vegas when the coaching sessions start but it will be cutting it close. I'm in Vegas for work from the 21st returning on the 24th. I've already told my boss that I absolutely need to go to a grocery store to pick up water and food, now I need to get a fridge in the room and I'm all set. Luckily I'm not a big drinker so that won't be a challenge to overcome. We're all staying at Treasure Island and they have a gym available for $20 a day. Small complaint here; Why do hotels charge guests to use the on-site gyms? I think it STINKS. Like they aren't getting enough money through the casinos grrrrrrr!

Anyway - check out the Red Carpet Ready Club - Platinum and Gold

It’s coming..

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1 comment:

Well Behaved Krissy said...

Hey CONGRATS!!! Thats AWESOME and goes along perfectly with chub club too huh baby girl? I need your email address can you email me at