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Monday, September 15, 2008

My Anniversary Present

Holy Cow!!!! You could have knocked me over with a feather when Barry gave me my gift. Barry asked me to come outside so he could give me my anniversary gift. I was thinking it was kettle balls or bicycle accessories. So I'm in the garage looking for something that resembles a gift. Barry is asking me is I see it or not - uh - no! but where's my bike. He tells me he put it away since it was in his way. Ok no bike accessories then.

He asks me to walk down the road a little and maybe I can see it from a different angle (I'm still totally clueless at this point). As we're walking down the road he asks if I can see it yet. "What, did you get me a car" was my smart a$$ reply and he hands me a key to this:

I was stunned, speechless. Unbelievable. It's taken me 11 years to appreciate the romantic side of my husband.

I love you Baby!!!! Thanks for the car, it's a blast!


Screenwriter1966 said...

Nice car sis! I am so jealous. I have always wanted one of those since I was like 15...

jennifer said...

Oh WOW! What an awesome anniversary present. You married a real peach!